You’re not alone! @ Kiasma

Apr 2nd, 2005 | Category: Installation
Watch You’re not alone! @ Kiasma now

Come and listen to our sound piece ‘You’re not alone!’ @ Kiasma, Helsinki. The piece is being played every 1.5 hours during the day, but more importantly @ the time the piece refers to 03.00-07.00am (CET+2). It was also aired online during these times @ Freshsounds (now offline). You can here it now by clicking the image above from our sound archive.

We thank everybody involved in getting this piece live..  We added this piece in flash format, so those of you who did not get a chance to hear it live may do so now. Thank you for all the interest..


You’re not alone!

We build on the understanding that history is constructed, not discovered, truth is made not found.

Also, as Aragon once replied to John Cage when he asked: “how history is written” “You have to invent it”.

Play|Time small|hours addresses to this discourse by the means of sound-installation bordering a public city-space with additions and subtractions to the already existing soundscapes. The sound itself powers the forums parallel in situ in Helsinki, Finland as well as via a virtual sound bridge
[] (now offline, available shortly from sound archive) every day during the Pixelache-festival from 3-7 am [GMT+2].

Tags: Europe, expos, Finland, Installation, Kiasma, Soundpiece

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