antiauthoritarian immanence

Feb 23rd, 2005 | Category: Installation

We have just launched online ‘antiauthoritarian immanence’ commisioned by Pineapple, Sweden.
Take note that this piece was made for viewing from a cd-rom, not online….

antiauthoritarian immanence
a project for ˜spacelessness
interactive and immersive spatio-temporal installation (Cd-rom)

Commenting on authoritarian structures of constructivist architectures ˜antiauthoritarian immanence’ is an audio-visual development project for creating a virtual atmosphere / interactive journey through reality based immersive spaces for multiple simultaneous users to interact with virtual translucent scapes that emit omnidirectional light to the virtual planes

antiauthoritarian immanence should be installed in a rear-projected cube of screens to surround the viewer(s) with moving and immersive images (controllable either through air-mouse or vr-glove) and soundscapes.

˜What phenomenology sets up as a norm is ‘natural perception’ and its conditions. Now, these conditions are existential co-ordinates which define an ‘anchoring’ of the perceiving subject in the world, a being in the world, an opening to the world which will be expressed in the famous “all consciousness is consciousness of something..’..Hence movement, perceived or made, must be understood not of course in the sense of an intelligible form which would be actualised in a content, but as a sensible form which organises the perceptive field as a function of a situated intentional consciousness. .. For Bergson, this is to say, the model cannot be natural perception, which does not possess any privilege. The model would be rather a state of (virtual)* things, which would constantly change, a flowing matter in which no point of anchorage nor centre of reference would be assignable. .. This infinite set of all images constitutes a kind of a plane [ plan ] of immanence. The image exists in itself, on this plane. This in-itself of the image is (virtual)* matter: not something hidden behind the image, but on the contrary the absolute identity of the image and movement.’

Gilles Deleuze I’Image-Mouvement

*Inserted by Tjader-Knight inc.

antiauthoritarian immanence is a niche product anyway intended to a wide audience from children to the elderly from ‘film freaks’, critical thinkers and academics to ambient sound and ‘intelligent techno’ enthusiasts.

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